RAAI President

Prof. Vadim Borisov — Department "Computer Engineering", The Branch of National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" in Smolensk
  e-mail: vbor67@mail.ru

RAAI Vice-Presidents:

Prof. Vadim L. Stefanuk — Leading Research of the Institute for Information Transmission problems of Russian Academy of Sciences
  post address: Moscow 101447 Bolshoy Karetny per. 19
  e-mail: stefanuk@iitp.ru
  tel.: +7 495-650-69-04
  (Responsible for RAAI international contacts.)

PhD Valerii Karpov — National Research Centre “Kurchatov Insitute”, Chair of Department of Neurocognitive Science and Intelligent Systems
  post address: Moscow 123182 Acad. Kurchatov sqr.,1
  e-mail: karpov_ve@mail.ru
  tel.: +7 499-196-71-00 (plus dial 3370)

Prof. Valeria Gribova — Institute of Automatic and Control Processes Far-East Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Sergey Kovalev — Rostov University

Prof. Sergey Kuznetsov — Chair of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of Higher School Of Economics
  e-mail: skuznetsov@hse.ru

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